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Lasang Pinoy I: Ninoy Aquino Day Round-Up

By Karen On Sunday, August 21, 2005 At 11:20 PM

When we launched the event, we had no idea how it would be received. A day into the deadline, we had the sufficient numbers but those were from the blogger organisers themselves. The night before we were supposed to post the round-up, Stef and I decided to wait a bit since submissions were pouring in like we never expected! Every now and then, Stef would even e-mail me with an entry she found somewhere.

Overwhelmed is an understatement! This is a reception beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you to all participants and to the organisers too! We hope to see you in the next events!

The Lasang Pinoy Ninoy Aquino Day Round-Up co-hosted by Karen and Stef is now online!

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    Lasang Pinoy, which could mean ‘tastes of something Filipino’ or short for ‘the Filipino taste’ is a monthly food blogging event to promote Filipino food. It is a product of email brainstorming sessions of several Filipino food bloggers who thought it was time for a Filipino event in the tradition of Is My Blog Burning. The blogger organisers of Lasang Pinoy and participants strive to make the events reflective of Filipino culture.

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