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LP 24: Loco Over Coco - The Round-Up

By Kai On Tuesday, March 18, 2008 At 8:39 PM

We went crazy over coconuts last February for Lasang Pinoy!

As an event-ender, the round-up of entries for LP 24: Loco Over Coco has been posted at Bucaio: a sumptuous buffet of coconut-based dishes. We have a complete array of creations, from drinks, to traditional and inspired dishes, to fabulous desserts.

Click here for full details!

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    Lasang Pinoy, which could mean ‘tastes of something Filipino’ or short for ‘the Filipino taste’ is a monthly food blogging event to promote Filipino food. It is a product of email brainstorming sessions of several Filipino food bloggers who thought it was time for a Filipino event in the tradition of Is My Blog Burning. The blogger organisers of Lasang Pinoy and participants strive to make the events reflective of Filipino culture.

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