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Lasang Pinoy 7: Gising na! ALMUSAL!

By ChichaJo On Friday, February 10, 2006 At 12:43 AM

This month's Lasang Pinoy will be all about breakfast! :)

Almusal means breakfast and it's an essential part of every Filipino's day. At least before life sneakily speeded up its pace to "breakneck" and McDonald's had a drive-thru. It's the fuel we need to start a day of hard work...whether it be tilling the fields or trudging through the corporate jungle. Almusal is usually a hearty affair, complete with rice and meat (or fish)...sometimes even more than one kind! Now, with everyone and his brother busy with a million and one things, a traditional almusal is sometimes left by the wayside, traded in for a quick coffee and a random something bought from your friendly coffee conglomerate on the way to work.

This month, I'd like to honor this very important part of our day, and our lives, that can give us the super powers we need to take on days fraught with tasks and errands and the 101 things we all do. So, gising na! (That means, "Wake up!") Slow things down one morning and enjoy the special almusal that I know you deserve.

Check out details at 80 Breakfasts!

Here's the round up!

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Blogger relly Says:

Just want to share, i made it to link this page into my blog..... Yesssss! More power lasang pinoy!

Anonymous Karen Says:

Uy, salamat Relly! More power to you too!


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