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Lasang Pinoy 11 - Summertime Coolers and Memories of Summer

The last topic of Lasang Pinoy 10, Food Memories From Your Childhood evoked so much from our consciousness that it didn't seem enough; 'Bitin', we would say. As Chef Sam mentioned in his roundup of LP10, it seems that many of us savored most the flavors of our childhood summers. So to continue on the same vein, the next round of Lasang Pinoy extends our reminiscing mood to include our memories of summer and the cooling flavors that made it even more enjoyable. With summer just waning in the Philippines and the tastes of summer still fresh on the palates; and with summer advancing on this side of the hemisphere and many of us have started dusting off our grills, what better time to write about summertime!

We invite you to join us on this round and share your favorite summertime food. It doesn't have to be a typical Filipino recipe, it only needs to be touched with Pinoyness. As we who are now living outside of the Philippines can attest to, we assimilate but we add our own flavors to the mix. I do this all the time with my girls. We may be cooking something that is typically of this region, but the flavors of my Filipino upbringing can't help but creep into everything we do in one form or another. A sneak preview of things to come is in my blog. I look forward to your memories of summer and your cooling ways.

Post your entries in your blogs by the end of the month, June 30th and submit your URL to or to If you don't have a blog, just email me or Lasang Pinoy and we will host your posts for you.

Feel free to download the buttons for this round and use it on your sites. Thank you to Iska and Mike for designing these beautiful buttons.
By JMom On Sunday, June 18, 2006 At 11:44 AM


    Lasang Pinoy, which could mean ‘tastes of something Filipino’ or short for ‘the Filipino taste’ is a monthly food blogging event to promote Filipino food. It is a product of email brainstorming sessions of several Filipino food bloggers who thought it was time for a Filipino event in the tradition of Is My Blog Burning. The blogger organisers of Lasang Pinoy and participants strive to make the events reflective of Filipino culture.

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